Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wholesale Day Spa Products – What is available in the current marketplace

When purchasing Wholesale Day Spa Products it is important to align yourself with a distributor that specialises in the products you are wanting to stock in your business.  The one stop shop is not necessarily the best option, although you can utilise your buying power by purchasing a majority of your products from one distributor you may find that they have a specialty and that some of the items they stock are merely add ons to their catalogue and their knowledge of the product is not necessarily sound.

To put this statement into perspective purchasing a professional skincare range and spa related products from a wholesale day spa products supplier requires research.  The products you will be using for treatments on your clients is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your business so it is critical you make your choice having researched the products thoroughly.

You need to decide on the experience you want to provide your clients, are you aiming for standard treatments that cater for your demographic or is your aim to provide luxurious day spa experiences for your clientele.  Germaine De Capuccini has an extensive skincare products that cater for all types of skin conditions, in addition they have an extensive range of wholesale day spa products that cater for Body and Spa Rituals.

Contact us today to discuss the ranges we have available for you, we have a treatment menu that is specifically designed for our spa range so we can also assist you in creating your spa menu as an added service.

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